Cherry Biotech is coming to San Francisco and Stanford

CherryTemp™ is the fastest temperature control system for live cell imaging

We are visiting Stanford and San Francisco from 23rd to 27th of january 2017

Discover its benefits

Both Heating & Cooling

With CherryTemp™ cooling is as easy as heating in a broad 5-45°C temperature range – whatever the room temperature!

10 seconds Ultra-fast Temperature Shift

Shift the temperature of your sample between 2 temperatures in seconds – just with a click on your mouse

Electronic Precision

We used the most advanced calibration systems to ensure that your sample will always be at the target temperature.

Immersion Objectives

Immersion objectives are a heat sink. Our software makes the adjustments to correct this bias and set the right temperature at on your sample.

No Shear Stress

Our system does not involve any fluid flow on your sample. Your sample is motionless even during temperature shifts: you keep your biological protocol intact

Accuracy : 0.1°C

CherryTemp™ ensures extreme temperature stability thanks to its electronic control and real-time software adjustment to the room temperature

CherryTemp™ is a plug and play system designed to make your lab life easy

You get started immediately!

Clean microscope bench

Our system is compact and light.
Designed to integrate easily in your microscope set up, it creates no access hurdle for yourself or other teams using the system.

Plug & Play

You get all the required components in one pack, you set up the system and start your experiment immediately! No more worries about making your instruments work.

User friendly interface

CherryTemp™ is piloted by a user friendly software to set and modify the temperature in one click, or set sequences and let the system work in your absence

With CherryTemp™ your sample's temperature is perfectly controlled

Our mounting system is easy to set-up and offers perfect thermalization

Want to know more about our venue at SF and book a demo?
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