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Board members

Michael L. Shuler

Michael L. Shuler

Chief Executive Officer

James Hickman

James Hickman

Chief Scientific Officer

Gilberto M. Villacorta

Gilberto M. Villacorta

Corporate Secretary

Short Description

Hesperos aims to optimally characterize individual human biology through innovative human body-on-a-chip technology for toxicological and efficacy testing. This is an ambitious goal, but success will radically reduce the cost of analysis and help predict an individual’s response to new compounds. In Greek Mythology, Hesperos is the name for the planet Venus in the evening sky, the “most splendid star in the heavens”.

Hesperos location


Hesperos offers a bench of services: cardiac or muscle analytic service and custom analytic service with the possibility to use their 10 organ on a chip device.


Noticeable publications

– Microfluidic blood-brain barrier model provides in vivo-like barrier properties for drug permeability screening. Biotechnol Bioeng, 2017

– Body-on-a-chip systems for animal-free toxicity testing. Altern Lab Anim, 2016

– Modular, pumpless body-on-a-chip platform for the co-culture of GI tract epithelium and primary liver tissue. Lab on a Chip, 2016

– Human-on-a-chip design strategies and principles for physiologically based pharmacokinetics/ pharmacodynamics modeling. Integr Biol, 2015

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