Meet the team

Jeremy Cramer


Jeremy Cramer

CEO Co-founder

Jeremy is an engineer in physics and thermodynamics. He developed CherryTemp from a handcrafted system into a plug & play industrial platform. He also created his own company and worked in R&D before discovering life sciences.Astuce

His goal is to make Cherry Biotech the most innovative instruments provider in life sciences, but also the most user-friendly one. Jeremy is human centered and is well-known at cherry for  his vocabulary creativity  like “cherry go” instead of “shall we go”.




Thomas Guérinier


Thomas Guerinier

Chief Scientific Officer – Innovation Unit

Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship Thomas was Cherry Biotech’s first employee. Thomas holds a Phd in Plant Science and his mission is to develop scientific collaboration for the Organ-on-a-chip technology. Creative thinker and influential collaborator he knows how to drive decision-making that creates medium- and long-term improvement for all the stakeholders. He designed all the internal processes at Cherry Biotech and is known for bringing “les croissants” in the morning and knowing where to find any files in the drive.

Phong Tran


Phong Tran

Scientific Counsel

Phong is a physicist who became biologist and is now studying cellular pathways  leading to cancer. He holds a double position, at University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA and at Institut Curie, Paris, France.Astuce

With his 2 teams in the US and France, and many more travels around the globe to promote science and talk about his research, he also manages to advices cherry team on scientific aspects.

Damien Debuisson

Damien Debuisson

R&D/ Customer Happiness Manager

Damien holds a PhD in microfluidic and manages the R&D team based on customer feedbacks. Damien takes care of the customer support at Cherry Biotech and solve technical problems for customers on a daily basis.
Damien distills complex issues into underlying causes and work directly with our production teams to deploy solutions while consistently delivering world-class support. Damien is considered as the smilest person at Cherry Biotech.








Mathilde Moingeon

Mathilde MoingeonAdministrative and Financial Manager

Mathilde is at Cherry Biotech since the early beginning, she takes care of all the legal, financial and administrative tasks. Mathilde knows the scientific administration requirement all over the world and how to please their needs. We call her our  lovely admin facilitator because she can handle all situations naturally.

Pablo Salaverria

Pablo Salaverria Biomedical R&D Engineer -PhD student

Pablo is an engineer who has started his Phd at Cherry Biotech last year. His PhD program is dedicated to the future product of Cherry Biotech (Mimicell) allowing drug injection and temperature control while doing live cell imaging. Pablo knows how to maintain the right balance between innovative features and rational engineering. He is known at cherry for beeing very literate on various topic and particularly on sport.

Nadia Pellan

Nadia Pellan

 Quality-Security manager /R&D

Nadia  is a doctor in biology and  also holds various degrees in supply chain. Nadia ensures consistent quality of production by developing and enforcing good manufacturing practice (GMP) systems, validating processes, providing documentation. She is known for helping everyone to develop environmental responsabilities and to have a very communicative laught.

Brian Monks

Brian Monks

Application specialist

Brian has been working in life science for more than 15 years, his mission is to understand the technical requirement of the customer and try to help them to find the perfect fit an satisfy both their microscopes and experimental requirements. Brian takes care of the client from the first contact to the installation and the “whaou effect”. He is a baseball coach and is well -known for is contagious joy of life.

Géraldine Ardoin

geraldine ardoin

Head of Marketing  and customer success

Géraldine studied Drug Design and Biomedical Sciences and complet her academic background with an MBA. Prior to start her journey at Cherry Biotech, she has founded 2 start’ups. Today her mission is to ensure client focus, lead generation and brand awarness based on a deep understanding of clients challenges.  Geraldine often interviews existing clients to constantly improve customer experience and most of her time is dedicated to orchestrate digital marketing.  She is known for her addiction to sport and the high volum of post-it on her desk.

Pierre Gaudriault

Pierre Gaudriault


R&D Project manager – Innovation Unit

Passionate about Science and Innovation Pierre joins Cherry’s Innovation Unit. Pierre holds a PhamD degree and a Ph.D. in Toxicology. His mission is to develop scientific collaboration for the Organ-on-a-chip technology. He has an expertise in the physiology challenges behind Organ-on-a-Chip technology and is the information hub for such technologies in Cherry. He is a musician and known for his love of sharing scientific knowledge.

Erwan Cossec


Cherry soft developper

Tahnee Barboza


Administrative and Financial support – Innovation Unit 

Alex Cerise

Denis Chang

Denis ChangJunior Electronic enginner | R&D 

Micro and nanoélectronic specialist

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