Mammalian Pack: the fastest temperature control

About all cells pack

Perform an ultra-rapid temperature switch on any cells at your microscope stage. The system has been especially designed to work with immersion objectives to meet high-resolution imaging quality. Our controller switch temperature from 5 to 45 C in less than 10 seconds. Your cells are precious, and with our system no shear stress is applied on them.

CherryTemp validation on GFP-tubulin expressing HeLa cells


Efficient cold-induced microtubules depolymerization using CheryTemp device.

CherryTemp mounting system for cells


Your cells are plated on a regular coverslip and bathed in a medium. Biocompatible tape is used to delimit the sample area. The Cherry chip is mounted and cross-linked on a thin glass coverslip. The thermalized fluid goes into the chip and is never in contact with your sample. Your cells are never subjected to shear stress. Simply put our Chip/coverslip on your slide and start experimenting!

See how to set up the CherryTemp chip on your slide : it’s easy !

Ultra fast, stable, precise and user-friendly :

CherryTemp has been designed to open new grounds for your research.

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