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Mitochondria temperature is physiologically maintained close to 50 °C

How does the human body maintain its constant temperature of 37 ° Celsius?

The temperature stability of the human body has always been a mystery, thanks to mitochonria temperature study a team of researchers have just discovered one secret behind this regulation.

They showed that some inner components of our cells can flirt with 50 ° C. The scientists of this international team bringing together Germans, Koreans, Finns, and French, are waiting to see their work published in the journal Science. They attribute this regulation of body temperature to the mitochondria, which include the “energy plants” of the cells.

 What is a mitochondria?

Mitochondria temperature 50°C

Mitochondria temperature 50°C

Mitochondria are organelles found in all eukariotic organism. Mitochondria plays a major role  in the cellular respiration (ADP phosphorillation) and in the regulation of cellular metabolim. Mitochondria are also involved in the regulation of  the internal body temperature ensuring in warm-blooded species a constant temperature.

This short video shows the Cellular Respiration (Electron Transport Chain) in the mitochondria that end with the production of ATP. This cellular respiration process might be the origin of the bigger temperature inside the mitochondria.

Why is going to disrupt the literature on mitochondria ?

For the very first time, the researchers found that mitochondria temperature was about ten degrees higher to reach nearly 50°C inside the cells.

The measurement of the mitochondria temperature was carried out by introducing a fluorescent product to the core of the cells, the intensity of which increases with heat.

It means that “The physical, chemical and electrical properties of the mitochondria will have to be re – evaluated, since all the previous scientific literature reflects experiments carried out far from the physiological temperature,” write the researchers Paule Bénit, Dominique Chrétien and Pierre Rustin de l ‘Inserm.

New findings openning the door to incredible new treament:

These findings open the door for new treatments against body heat dysregulation, or cancer since one century ago Otto Warburg (Medicine Nobel price) hypothesized that the first step for cancerogenesis might be a default in the respiratory chain of the mitochondria.


Mitochondria are physiologically maintained at close to 50 °C. Dominique Chrétien, Paule Bénit, Hyung-Ho Ha, Susanne Keipert, Riyad El-Khoury, Young-Tae Chang, Martin Jastroch, Howard T Jacobs, Pierre Rustin, Malgorzata Ra

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