About 2018 demo sessions

Since we launched CherryTemp in 2014 we have been organizing “demo sessions” from time to time.

This allows laboratories to test our system in real conditions and to discover the amazing capabilities of CherryTemp compared to other temperature controllers.

70% of laboratories buy the system after trying it !

For the coming months, we will offer a limited number of slots to book a one-week demo in labs !

Don’t miss this opportunity !

The World Fastest

temperature controller for live cell imaging


How it works ?

  1. Contact us, we check the application & schedule with you the demo
  2. We ship the system
  3. We remotely check with you the installation
  4. You can do your experiments during a full week
  5. Possibility to keep the system if satisfied or return it back

This can happen in a demo !

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Some of the labs which participated in a demo session were:

Paul T. Conduit (University of Cambridge)
Barbara Conradt (University of Munich)
François Schweisguth (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Marcos-Gonzalez Gaitan ( Genova University)
Buzz Baum (University College of London)
Derek Mc cusker (IECB Bordeaux)
Yannick Gachet – Sylvie Tournier ( Université Toulouse III)
Julien Dumont (Institut Jacques Monod, Paris)
Richard Poole ( University College of London)

CherryTemp thermal stage

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Ultra-fast shifts and temperature accuracy at the sample level

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