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Heater & cooler for live-cell imaging

We developed an outsdanting heater-cooler for microscopy. You can set any temperature on the 5 to 45°C range with unprecedented precision and stability over time. Cherry on the cake, it enables ultra-fast temperature shifts [10 seconds] from any temperature to any other in the 5-45°C range. You can now control in real-time your favorite molecular processes, observe dynamic events linked to temperature on live and discover unthought mechanisms.

CherryTemp features…


Heat and cool down your samples in the 5 to 45°C range


Shift in less than 10 seconds  from any temperature to any other in the 5 to 45°C range


Long-term stability and 0.1°C precision ensured


CherryTemp can be easily installed and shared between different microscopes. We have a set of ergonomic elements fitting main brands (Nikon Ti Eclipse 1 and 2, Zeiss AxioObserver, Olympus IX73-81-83, Leica DMI 4000/6000 or DMI8 as well as upright setups.).


We come from labs and know answers have to come quickly. So we answer, quickly, in less than 24 hours.


First installation in 20 minutes

You want to focus on your experimentation this is why we’ve made CherryTemp easy to install.

CherryTemp is plug and play and comes along with a didactic installation guide.

No interference with your set-up

Your microscope set-up can already be complex this is why we’ve designed CherryTemp to ensure smooth integration.

Installation and disposition of CherryTemp is easy and flexible.

Fits any microscope

You might want to use different microscopes, this is why we’ve designed CherryTemp to be compatible with any microscope thanks to light and customized ergonomic elements.

Smart mounting of your cells

If you want a special design for your cells, contact our expert team. We’ve worked to design smart solutions as we believe simplicity is a strength.

Our mounting systems offers a large scale of applications and high flexibility for live-cell imaging.

Easy to use

Change temperature in one click and simply input temperature settings on CherrySoft.

We’ve thought our software based on scientists’ feedback as we pay attention not to add complexity to your experimentation.

We are experts & here

We’ve set-up our processes lab-focused as we want to make you happy using CherryTemp.

We’ve built an expert team to lead live-cell imaging dynamic control, get in touch and benefit from our strong skills.

Watch a real time infra-red movie of our temperature controller

Unprecedented temperature shifts


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Benefit from great advantages

temperature-control-microscopy-one-clic-3Monitor the thermalization of your cells in real time

The Cherry Temp platform was developed to enable real time change and monitoring of your sample temperature. Thanks to the unique calibration scheme integrated into the platform, the system is able to adapt  in real time the temperature of your cell when it detects any change in the microscope environment which may affect you sample temperature. Learn more


Install the CherryTemp system on different microscopes in 10 minutes

CherryTemp has been designed to fit all major microscope brands (Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss). If you use shared microscope CherryTemp can be installed and uninstalled from your microscope in less than 10 minutes.

temperature-control-microscopy-immersion-objectiveKeep our unprecedented precision with both air and immersion objective lenses

The confinement of the sample as well as the very short thermal path frees our technologies almost completely from the influence of classical thermal disruptive parameters. This unique structure coupled to our real time calibration scheme enable us to guarantee temperature homogeneity of your cells even with immersion objectives. Learn more

temperature-heater-cooler-precise-2Ensure temperature stability and homogeneity with a 0.1°C precision

The very short thermal path between sample and thermal fluid frees our technologies almost completely from the influence of classical thermal disruptive parameters.This unique structure coupled to our real time calibration scheme enable them to guarantee temperature stability of your cell sample below 0.5°C.   Learn more

temperature-control-microscopy-one-clic-4One-click change the temperature of your cells

Cherry Temp software enables you to change the temperature of your cells during live imaging in one click. You can also set temperature cycle for long or overnight experiment. We designed the software to be as easy to use as a PCR system.

temperature-heater-cooler-stage-2Forget incubation box, clean your set-up and get an easy access to your sample

Cherry Temp is a platform which fits to your microscope similarly to a top-stage incubator. It enables you to easily access your biological sample at any moment. Moreover, with its large 5-45°C range and intelligent calibration, it is self-sufficient: no more incubation boxe nor objective collar are necessary. Learn more


Fast temperature control for thermosensitive protein regulation (Developmental cell, 2009)

The spindle midzone—composed of antiparallel microtubules, microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), and motors—is the structure responsible for microtubule organization and sliding during anaphase B. Read more →

Fast microfluidic temperature control for high resolution live cell imaging (Lab on Chip, 2011)

One major advantage of using genetically tractable model organisms such as the fission yeastSchizosaccharomyces pombe is the ability to construct temperature-sensitive mutations in a gene. Read more →

Fast temperature regulation for mitochondria positioning on microscope (Current Biology, 2011)

Mitochondria form a dynamic tubular network within the cell. Proper mitochondria movement and distribution are critical for their localized function in cell metabolism, growth, and survival. Read more →

Fast temperature regulator for cytoskeleton studies on microscope (Methods in Cell biology, 2010)

Recent development in soft lithography and microfluidics enables biologists to create tools to control the cellular microenvironment. One such control is the ability to quickly change the temperature of the cells. Read more →

Ultrafast, sensitive and large-volume on-chip real-time PCR (Lab on Chip, 2016)

An ultrafast, sensitive and large-volume real-time PCR system based on microfluidic thermalization. The method is based on the circulation of pre-heated liquids in a microfluidic chip that thermalize the PCR chamber… Read more →

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