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Yeast: Cell cycle study

Temperature control for S. pombe cell cycle studiesPioneer work on eukaryote cell cycle control has been performed using S. pombe as a model organism. ...

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Thermosensitive mutations

Use of temperature-sensitive mutant in S. pombe fission yeast for live-cell imagingWorking with S. pombe is working with the most powerful tool in genetics. ...

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Yeast: Spindle assembly

Temperature control for spindle assembly studies in fission yeastWe developed a temperature controller meeting cell biology studies requirements. It reaches below ambient temperatures for efficient microtubules ...

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Yeast: Microtubules assembly

Temperature control of microtubules assemblyS. pombe is a very powerful organism to study microtubules assembly. The easy manipulation of fission yeast, the short dividing ...

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Mitosis and ts mutants

During S. pombe division, the CDC25 protein is required for mitosis completion. At 25°C the CDC25 protein is functional (Fig. 1a) but over 37°C ...

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