The first functional Human-on-a-chip project

An alternative to animal drug testing and a breakthrough technology for personalized medicine

Our Human-on-a-Chip program is supported by the French Ministry of Research

Cherry Biotech has been recently awarded by the French Ministry of Research through the i-lab BPI program for a breakthrough Human-on-a-Chip research program.

Through the development of interconnected Organs-on-chips, our R&D team aims at developing the first so-called Human-on-a-Chip for preclinical and clinical assays. Such revolutionnary microfluidic in vitro techniques offers an alternative to animal drug testing and increase the number and quality of drugs for people. We also investigate personnailzed health/medicine applications.

Our experize for collaborative programs…

Cherry Biotech is part of several projects both at the national and international levels (H2020 programs,Eurostars…). We developed an expertize in project writing and optimized the involvement of our company in scientific programs to maximise the success rates. LEARN MORE

Entrepreneurship skills transfer

From an idea to a product, we are specialized in developing technologies with direct applications for cell environment control. We can for instance teach to young researchers how to setup a business unit / startup starting from a relevant laboratory result. Discover our Entrepreneurship unit.


Impact of the project

The impact of collaborative programs is of great importance in its evaluation. Our marketing team composed of scientists in various fields can help valorizing outputs of your projects through digital marketing to various audiences (both to scientists and to a wider public).


Instruments for living cells

With both the most precise temperature controller and the quickest medium switch system dedicated to live-cell imaging, we focus on adapting our devices to new applications. European consortiums are an ideal environment for basic needs and industrialized solutions to meet.


Cherry Biotech is a European actor for Organs-on-a-chip

Organs-on-chips are the next healthcare revolution

Organs-on-chips are micro-devices that mimics human organ functions, both in terms of mechanical and physiological properties. They represent the next revolution in healthcare as they could massively reduce failures in clinical assays and suppress animal drug testing. This is innovation.

Our team combines the three key components of these new devices: microfluidic cells culture system, living-cell environmental control (temperature, gaz, drug injection) and live cell imaging technologies.

We need talented scientist aiming at valorizing science

To tackle such product development we need a wide range of skills. People joining our team should not only be excellent in their scientific field (engineering, physics, biology…), but should also be highly motivated to manage projects. This is why we offer a unique opportunity to acquire entrepreneurship skills in our “Entrepreneurship Unit”.

  • Come and incubate your idea.
  • Come and find your market.
  • Come and meet entrepreneurs.
  • Come and enjoy France!

Discover the Entrepreneurship Unit here.

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