Join the first Entrepreneurship school for science valorization

Highly-skilled young scientists are the keystone to achieve our ambitious Human-on-a-chip project. This is why we created an “Entrepreneurship Unit”. We aim at developing the first functional Human-on-a-chip to allow drug testing and personalized medicine. This is a unique opportunity to bring your expertise for human well-being. With 3D cell cultures on chips, extra-cellular matrixes, microfluidic smart designs, sensors integration and instrument monitoring, we work to develop specific organs-on-chips and further interconnect them for specific health applications.

Universities worldwide can generate great highly-skilled scientists. Our objective is to diffuse an entrepreneurship spirit which will allow young scientists to tackle tomorrow’s human-well being challenges through science valorization. (CEO Jeremy Cramer)

Jeremy Cramer

Jeremy Cramer

Cherry Biotech | Co-founder and CEO

Start spending 80% of your time with your customers to build your offer (product/market fit). The remaining 20% are far enough to reach the Pareto of innovation!

Guilhem Velve Casquillas

Guilhem Velve Casquillas

Elvesys | Co-founder and CEO

Here it is: a training based on people with feedback from entrepreneurs on their day-after-day company creation experience

Thomas Guerinier

Thomas Guerinier

Cherry Biotech | Associate and CSO

I did experience this amazing accelerator since 2014…I could not have learnt and build my own vision (of science valorization and entrepreneurship) so quickly elsewhere.

Mathieu Velve Casquillas

Mathieu Velve Casquillas

Elvesys | Co-founder and COO

I simply think entrepreneurs are nothing less than modern day heroes. My single regret is not having moved to it earlier!
Pierre Gaudriault

Pierre Gaudriault

Cherry Biotech |* Incubated *

Things go very quickly in the industrial environment. The ability to react and adapt quickly is vital for a start up. Having a CEO / CSO / CTO pool of entrepreneurs and the possibility to rely on their experience and advices is key to go quicker and better and make the difference during critical growth steps.

Cyril Cerveau

Cyril Cerveau

4Dcell | Co-founder and CSO

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful transformation process: transform matter (brainpower) into value. From an idea or  knowledge, build a place, an organization. Find one associate, two…find a collaborator, two…find one customer, two and a hundred. Build a network. Find the intelligence to create and build value.

Enjoy great places in France

You will join Cherry’s HQ in Rennes, a great opportunity to discover the wonderful French Brittany area. You will benefit from an amazing start-up ecosystem both in Rennes and Paris thanks to our CEOs networks.

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An Entrepreneurship Unit dedicated to hardware/biotech project incubation

Come with your ideas

You want to valorize your knowledge or have a precise product development in mind? The Entrepreneurship Unit is dedicated to hardware and biotech start-up development. We will help solving the market targeting and team hiring as well as guide you on the entrepreneurship path.


Meet our Human-on-a-chip project

You share our vision and want to improve human well-being? Our project aims at developing the first functional Human-on-a-chip. This ambitious goal requires a multi-skilled team working on various bio-engineering aspects. As a consequence we can incubate a wide range of project types around Organs-on-a-chips.


Meet successful entrepreneurs

You will evolve in an incredibly stimulating environment full of entrepreneurs and CEOs. All of them are running hardware-biotech companies and lead incredible teams in various start-up development stages.

Learn entrepreneurship skills

You will benefit from an amazing entrepreneurship ecosystem. Through discussions with CEOs and enthousiastic entrepreneurs and through videos and courses, you will learn the 360° skills to optimize the science valorization and find your product/market fits.

What we did

Cherry Biotech - Temperature control for microscopy




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