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Control of exocytosis using temperature

Controlling lifetimes of exocytic events using the CherryTemp system

We thank Prof. Roland Wedlich-Söldner and Mike Wälte for sharing these results.
Visit their lab (Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging) in Muenster!


Yeast cells strains expressing a GFP labeled exocyst complex component  were grown overnight in standard yeast peptone dextrose medium (YPD) and were cultured at 30°C with continuous shaking at 280 rpm. After overnight culture, cells were washed 3x with H2O and diluted 10-fold in SC-All media for 2h at 30°C. Afterwards cells were mounted on glass cover slips coated with Concanavalin A.

An iMIC-based microscopy (Thermo/Till Photonics) with an Olympus x100 1.45 NA objective was used for image acquisition.

Images were taken with Andor iXON DU-897 EMCCD using the LiveAcquisition software (Thermo).

Shifts between temperatures were performed using the CherryTemp device with a 1 min delay to allow for cell adaption.


Recorded timelapses of exocytosis were analyzed via kymographs to determine the lifetimes of exocytic events at different temperatures.


CherryTemp heater/cooler for live-cell imaging

Dynamic & fast : 10 seconds temperature shifts

Stable & Precise : Long term stability


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