Britain Region: Spheroids-on-a-Chip

SpOC: a know how transfer project applied to 3D cell culture 

Dr. Thomas Guérinier

Dr. Thomas Guérinier


Dr. Pierre Gaudriault

Dr. Pierre Gaudriault

R&D responsible

Aims of SpOC and Cherry’s roles as beneficiary


The Spheroids-on-a-Chip (SpOC) project aims to study the behavior of spheroids formed from renal cell lines in a microfluidic device and to test molecules for therapeutic purposes. The daily change of the culture medium by its manual perfusion in the microfluidic chamber will allow a controlled exposure of the spheroid to the molecule of interest and the elimination of products potentially released by the spheroid and potentially modulators of the pharmacological action.


The SpOC project is aimed primarily at the realization of a technological tool taking the form of a micro-fluidic chip integrating a perfusion and temperature control system adapted to the culture of spheroids (three-dimensional organoids).

Since these organoids have to be kept in culture for several days in order to measure their response to molecule exposure, the second objective of the project is to optimize the culture protocol to achieve a culture time compatible with the analyzes to be carried out. The culture of spheroids in a microfluidic system is a totally new process, the comparison of the data obtained on this new model with those obtained using standardized culture models is a necessity, these validations represent the third objective. Finally, the main objective of the SpOC project is the transfer of know-how and expertise related to the cultivation and manipulation of spheroids from the public partner to the company.

SpOC objectives

SpOC objectives

The SpOC consortium

The SpOC project is a partnership between Cherry Biotech and the Institut de Génétique de Développement de Rennes (IGDR-CNRS). The project is supervised by ID2Santé and CapBiotek.

This project has received funding from the Britain Region.

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