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It depends on what you need (a full platform, customized or not, the number of microscopes you want to use it on, or if you want an OEM solution). Get in touch and one of our experts will answer you  within 24 hours to understand your need and give you more details.

The only differences are linked to the mounting system for your samples. We optimized the observation area to fit your needs. The specifications are only guided by the requirements of your experimentations. The core CherryTemp system remains unchanged so that you have nearly no extra-costs if you plan to use different models.

Our delivery time is currently 2 months after receipt of a valid Purchase Order. However, for urgent reasons (such as grant particularities, financial exercise closure…), do not hesitate to get in touch and we will work to find a solution.

Cherry Care is an additional service we designed, you can subscribe to the service at any time, there are options for Fast-publication (3 months engagement) or Premium  (1 year engagement).

“Cherry Care” offers:

  • System fix for free.
  • Free loaner system (in case of after sales service immobilisation of your machine >3 weeks ).
  • Reproducibility of your results ( anticipation of any calibration offset, i.e Gemini Process).
  • Free Software releases.
  • disposable products refills (Liquids + chips)*

*Only included in Premium version of Cherry Care.


CherryTemp fits any microscopes (upright and inverted). We developed dedicated ergonomic elements to fit any brands of microscope (Zeiss AxioImager, Nikon Ti Eclipse, Olympus IX81…).

Yes, it is. We performed several experiments and set up a specific calibration. Our software integrates these data and calculates a correcting factor if an immersion objective is used for your experimentation. As a consequence, the temperature you set is exactly the one that is experienced by your cells.

Thanks to our dual-channel heat exchangers, a shift between two temperatures takes only a few seconds (10 seconds) and does not rely on the starting or ending setting: the highest is the gradient between two temperatures, the fastest is the speed of change therefore it takes around 10 seconds both for a 5°C delta change or a 40°C delta change.

Our customers are our main priority and we make sure we provide the best  after-sales service:

– Answer by email, within 24h,

– Live meeting with skype when it suits you

– Free diagnosis by a product engineer

– Keep cool, we remotely take control of your system

– Remote fixing  for 90% of the case

We usually don’t offer this possibility as we have too much demand and we cannot satisfy it. If your application fits in one of our product packs, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to give you more details. Of course we can also put you in contact with some of our customers or partners who can tell you more about the system from a user point of view.

We do not need to come to install the system as we set-up a dedicated installation process. We first  interact with you before the shipping to understand your set up and constraints so that we can provide a platform adapted to your environment and tips for an easy installation. Then we send the system and we accompany your team with remote sessions to make sure all the users will get all the knowledge for a smooth utilization of the system.

Our priority is to make things simple for you so we ensure full after-sales service and we will always be available by email/skype to assist you and answer any question.

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