Fast temperature controller for live-cell imaging cytoskeleton studies

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(Methods in Cell biology, 2010)

Summary | Recent development in soft lithography and microfluidics enables biologists to create tools to control the cellular microenvironment. One such control is the ability to quickly change the temperature of the cells. Genetic model organism such as fission yeast has been useful for studies of the cell cytoskeleton. In particular, the dynamic microtubule cytoskeleton responds to changes in temperature. In addition, there are temperature-sensitive mutations of cytoskeletal proteins. We describe here the fabrication and use of a microfluidic device to quickly and reversibly change cellular temperature between 2°C and 50°C. We demonstrate the use of this device while imaging at high-resolution microtubule dynamics in fission yeast.

LEARN MORE | Chapter 11 – A Fast Microfluidic Temperature Control Device for Studying Microtubule Dynamics in Fission Yeast

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CherryTemp thermal stage


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temperature controller for live cell imaging

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CherryTemp thermal stage

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Discover the CherryTemp Heater Cooler

Ultra-fast shifts and temperature accuracy at the sample level

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