Interview with John Wikswo

Our exclusive interview of John P. Wikswo during the 2017 World Congress of organ on chip:

For the past 40 years, John Wikswo has worked on measurements and modeling in bioengineering and electrophysiology, initially at the scale of humans and dogs, then with rodents, and more recently at the level of nanoliter bioreactors and individual cells. He explored in depth the relationship between cardiac electric and magnetic fields and the generation of the vector magnetocardiogram. With his collaborators, he made the first measurements of the magnetic field of a single axon and a single skeletal muscle fiber. He is the founding Director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education (VIIBRE), which was created in 2001 to foster and enhance interdisciplinary research in the biophysical sciences, bioengineering, and medicine at Vanderbilt.

John Wikswo is now focusing his personal research effort on systems biology, primarily from the perspective of the optimization of automated systems for combined experimental control and inference of quantitative metabolic and signaling models and organs-on-a-chip to help us better span the breadth of spatiotemporal scales of systems biology and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Thanks to John Wikswo

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