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Period of internship

From January/February 2023 – 6 months


Cherry Biotech’s mission

Cherry Biotech’s mission is to develop the most advanced technological platform using in-vitro human biological models to evaluate the impact of compounds (e.g. drugs, endocrine disruptors, cosmetics) on the human body to better treat pathologies and predict adverse side effects. The platform aims to be the best alternative to ineffective animal models by combining novel microfluidic technologies, artificial intelligence, and the most advanced imaging techniques.

Our team

To meet all the challenges of our company, we have built a united and hardworking group. We are a multidisciplinary team of 14 people of 8 different nationalities, passionate about our mission, helping each other, and adapting to all situations. 

3 main attitudes are the foundation of our corporate culture: 

Sense of humor :-)   –   Surpassing yourself   –   Cooperation


What do we propose?


Organs on Chip, or microphysiological systems (MPS), have the potentiality to increase the speed of discovery of new treatments and replace animal models. At Cherry we developed a new device, CubiX, that has the power of controlling the physical parameters of the cellular environment. Given the novelty of this approach, we want to develop new specific applications that will highlight the potentiality of the CubiX platform.



In our biological facility, you will learn how to build complex and advanced organs-on-chip models and contribute to the creation of new applications for CubiX. In particular you will participate in developing a new Liver on Chip MPS.


Your main tasks during the internship:


  • Perform and help designing 3D cell culture experiments using primary cells and cell lines
  • Develop and refine new protocols with the CubiX platform
  • Generate, analyze and interpret data
  • Communicate results by reports and oral presentations
  • Participate to the management of the lab


Main skills expected to be acquired at the end of the Cherry experience: 


  • Develop of a good theoretical and practical knowledge about the complexity and challenges associated with building and validating new advanced in vitro models
  • Understand the main rationale behind a specific experimental design
  • Learn how to build simple but robust models/protocols to provide viable applications to Cubix users


What we’re looking for:


  • Last year of Cellular Biology/Biotechnology engineering/Master 2 degree
  • Previous experience(s) in biology laboratory will be highly appreciated
  • English fluent speaker and good writing skills mandatory
  • Curious, prone to lateral thinking and problem-solver
  • Rigorous with an analytic and critical mind
  • Perseverant and flexible
  • Attracted by the challenging and dynamic environment of a start-up
  • English fluent speaker and good writing skills mandatory


How to apply and deadline:

Fill this form: https://forms.gle/1u6d1a9nNh262xhA7 before 4th of December 2022.


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