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Internship: Innovative Product Developer Copy

CONTRACT: internship

format: 35h/week, full time

STARTING DATE: 1st February 2023

SALARY: Standard internship

COMPANY: Cherry Biotech SAS

PLACE OF WORK: Montreuil/Paris

KEY WORDS: Engineer, applied physics, microfluidics, 3D cell culture, industrialization, manufacturing.

Who are we ?

Cherry Biotech’s mission


Cherry Biotech’s mission is to provide the most advanced technological platform for predicting the impact of compounds (e.g. drug, endocrine disruptors, cosmetic) on the human body to better treat pathologies and predict undesired effects. The platform aims to be the best alternative to ineffective animal models by combining novel microfluidic technologies, artificial intelligence, and the most advanced imaging techniques

What do we propose ?

Goals of the position: 

Join the R&D, the industrialization and the production units and team up with our team to participate on new devices production, development and experimental testing. Gain experience in those fields which are critical steps on the path of bringing a new deep tech product into the market.  


Your main responsibilities: 

  •  Participate on the assembly of CherryTEMP products and CubiX prototypes aiding the production and industrialization responsible in this task and directly supervising you for this part of the internship (50% of time).
  • Participate on the conception, testing and characterization of new prototypes during the R&D phases (50% of time).
  • Deliver assigned project-related tasks in the due times previously agreed or inform on previously unidentified delays as soon as detected
  • Report/brainstorm/clarify on ongoing tasks to the CTO (or assigned responsible) and record, by written document, on each finished task
  • Fully understand and align with the overall Cherry Biotech strategy gaining knowledge on start-up needs and environments.
  • Take advantage of your time with us to get to know the company and the team better, understanding the challenges and particularities of start-ups.

Who are you ? A geek ? A nerd ? Do you have an atypical profile ? Join us !

What we are looking for:




  • Scientific or/and technical English skills.
  • Good base knowledge in electronics, mechanics and/or industrialization.
  • Reporting and calendar tracking habits.
  • Hands-on building/assembling electronic, mechanical devices, and experimental setups.
  • Able to follow thorough processes and to accurate conduct tests or experiments.




  • You are finishing your master studies in a degree in engineering, ideally in microfluidics. You are passionate, love what you have learned, and wants to have a hand in company experience!
  • You are meticulous, love to build up mechanical and electronic prototypes as well as conducting experiments.
  • You are not afraid to deliver and meet challenges, you are motivated and good handling of high-pressure
  • You have strong relational capacities: you are diplomatic, assertive, an active listener, productive/open-minded, respectful to diverging opinions
  • You are a team player, dynamic, curious, and proactive.

How to Apply:

No need for a CV or cover letter!

You should only fill out this form: https://forms.gle/1u6d1a9nNh262xhA7


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