Latest News from the Cherry Team !

Latest news from Cherry Biotech

We have selected some contents to keep you updated about our ​recent ​activities​.​

​Y​ou will find ​new application notes ​using temperature shifts. They include two ​time lapses from ​the ​Paul T. conduit Lab (drosophila larval brain) and a​n experiment​ using fast acting ts mutants​ ​in​ C.​ ​elegans ​embryos ​from ​the ​Bruce Bowerman Lab​.​

​We completely ​released new protocols for a better experience with CherryTemp.

CherryTemp users, we improved our User section (still working on). In addition to the protocols and methods mentioned, you will find an updated FAQ, a new help center and the latest downloadable pdf (User Guides, Installation Guides).

Wider scientific contents are also available in the knowledge menu. These notes covers cell biology/microscopy/temperature topics.

We really enjoyed Seoul for the 8th C. elegans Asia Pacific Worm meeting! We shared a lot with the worm community from many different countries. Great organization and top-level research! This was our first meeting in Asia and it was really positive and full of energy. By the way, we also had the chance to discover a wonderful city and take advantage of the delicious korean food.

CherryTemp thermal stage

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Selected contents

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CherryTemp thermal stage

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