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Cherry Biotech @Barcelona EMBO workshop (13-17th June 2018)

Cherry Biotech @Barcelona C. elegans development, cell biology and gene expression

13-17th June 2018

About the Workshop

Caenorhabditis elegans has long been a leading model organism for the study of animal development and behaviour. The C. elegans community continues to produce scientific breakthroughs and technological advances at a high pace. We invite you to attend the upcoming EMBO Workshop: C. elegans Development, Cell Biology, and Gene Expression, in association with European C. elegans Meeting, for the latest cutting-edge research. By combining a biannual Topics meetings and European meeting, the workshop will draw a broad international crowd and aims to foster interactions between young C. elegans researchers and global leaders. This EMBO Workshop will cover an attractive range of topics, including embryonic and larval development, cell fate determination, genomics and epigenetics, morphogenesis, evolution, neurobiology, microbe-host interactions, and ageing. Learn more…

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