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Dr Julien Dumont

Dr Julien Dumont

Helped us applying CherryTemp to C. elegans

Julien Dumont helped us adapting the system to C. elegans. With precious feedback, we could define dedicated protocoles, design ergonomic elements to properly integrate on high resolution microscopes.


Julien Dumont did his PhD in Paris before moving to UCSD (San Diego, USA) where he started to work with the powerful soil worm Caenorhabditis elegans. During his post-doc in Arshad Desai’s lab, he used the worm to discover an original mechanism of chromosome segregation. After a short second post-doc at Institut Curie in Paris during which he learned the basics of microfluidics and its application to temperature control, Julien Dumont started his own independent CNRS research team at Institut Jacques Monod in 2012. Although people in Julien Dumont’s team use different model systems that range from tissue culture cells to mice, their favorite one to study cell division is still C. elegans. That’s why they were our obvious partners when we needed help to adapt CherryTemp to C. elegans research. Check out Julien Dumont’s team webpage @IJM and their publications that refer to CherryTemp:

Lacroix, B. et al. Microtubule Dynamics Scale with Cell Size to Set Spindle Length and Assembly Timing. Dev Cell. 2018 May 21;45(4):496-511. Pubmed link

Laband, K. et al. Chromosome segregation occurs by microtubule pushing in oocytes. Nat Commun. 2017 Nov 14;8(1):1499. Pubmed link

Davies, T. et al. Using fast-acting temperature sensitive mutants to study cell division in C. elegans.
Methods Cell Biol. 2017;137:283-306. Link to article

Gigant, E.*, Stefanutti, M.* et al. Inhibition of ectopic microtubule assembly by the kinesin-13 KLP-7MCAK prevents chromosome segregation and cytokinesis defects in oocytes. Development, 2017. Link to article

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Distributes Cherry products in North America

NemaMetrix’s mission is to enable scientists and researchers around the world to better understand human diseases and explore potential treatments for high-impact disorders.



They commercialize a ScreenChip System, a first-in-class automatic screening and phenotyping platform utilizing C. elegans as model organism, which acquires and displays neuromuscular data in real time. The technology allows researchers to rapidly generate and collect precise whole-animal data via quick and reliable assessment of neuronal and physiological responses to genetic mutations, drug effects and other environmental changes. The platform provides an alternative to enable researchers to better understand human diseases and explore potential treatments for high-impact disorders.

Major Instruments

Major Instruments

Distributes CherryTemp in Taiwan

Distributor of CherryTemp in Taiwanmajor logo high resolution  http://www.major.com.tw/

Discover CherryTemp on Major website

Prinzen Bio

Prinzen Bio

Distributes CherryTemp in China

Distributor of CherryTemp in China


Harmony Group (HK) Limited

Harmony Group (HK) Limited

Distributes CherryTemp in Hong Kong

Distributor of CherryTemp in Hong Kong & China


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