Job Offer: PHD -Scientific Project Manager

Job Offer: PHD -Scientific Project Manager

Join the next revolution in healthcare therapies development!

Looking for Scientists/Engineers with an innovation and product mindset

Cherry Biotech
(Montreuil, France)


FORMAT : “cadre FORFAIT JOUR” status, full time
DURATION : Permanent position after 4 month of trial
STARTING DATE: as soon as possible
SALARY: 36.000 € gross/year (can be discussed)
KEY WORDS: Engineer, applied physics, biomedical/biology knowledge, PhD, diplomacy, scientific writing


Who are We?


Our vision: We are convinced that the Convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Cognitive Sciences, and Informatics will revolutionize the 21st century and our conception of human health, leading to major civilizational choices. To be at the forefront, it is fundamental to master new technologies.


Our mission: to be at the forefront, our mission is to develop the most advanced technological platform predicting the impact of compounds (e.g. drug, endocrine disruptors, cosmetic) on the human body to better treat pathologies and predict undesired effects. The platform aims to be the best alternative to ineffective animal models by combining novel microfluidic technologies, artificial intelligence, and the most advanced imaging techniques.


Our context today: As deep tech entrepreneurs, we choose the entrepreneurial path instead of the academic one. We are a team of risk-takers and we need to do more with less. We are now at an early stage of development of our company before product-market fit. CubiX, our main product, is in a pre-sales phase. We are also involved in many national and international collaborative scientific projects which allow us to keep ahead of our competitors, to test our devices with top-notch scientific support and to further explore new potential innovations to integrate into our current and future products.


Our Team: To face all the challenges of our mission, we have built a united and hardworking group. We are a multidisciplinary team of 15 people with 7 Nationalities passionate about our missions, helping each other, and adapting to all situations.


Our culture: To succeed in our mission, we have also built a strong culture based on 3 major balance axes which combine:

A sense of humor :)
The search for efficiency
Cooperation within the team


What do we propose?


Goals of the position:

Join the R&D unit and become a key element teaming up and supporting our CTO in order to follow and manage the external scientific collaborations and projects while actively participating into generating new opportunities. We are longing for a long term engagement where the position could evolve into a direct manager of scientific public tender projects in the future.


Your main responsibilities:

● Integrate with the R&D team and ultimately with the overall Cherry Biotech team.
● Keep track of specific public-tender scientific projects calendars and inform the CTO about important events to coordinate and synchronize activities (e.g. milestones, meetings, deadlines).
● Keep track of public-tender scientific calls calendars (e.g. Horizon, ANR) and inform/discuss potential opportunities with the CTO.
● Execute partners prospection and project co-writing (with partners and/or CTO) once approved to go for a call following strategy setting after discussion with CTO.
● When appointed, go to some project-related scientific meetings as a representative of Cherry Biotech and present the company and our objectives keeping track and reporting back.
● Manage relations with diplomacy (emails, meetings, calls).
● Get the skills to became the “boss” of public-tender managing portals (e.g. EU Horizon Portal) and generating financial reports with the administration aid.
● Discuss with the CTO and produce contain for projects (e.g. presentations, reports, articles, prototypes).
● Deliver assigned project-related tasks in the due times previously agreed or inform on previously unidentified delays as soon as detected.
● Report/brainstorm/clarify on ongoing tasks periodically (initially weekly) to the CTO and record, by written document, on each finished task.
 Fully understand and align with the overall Cherry Biotech strategy by periodic meetings with the CTO.
● Gain and demonstrate skills to become a full scientific project manager (own team) in the mid-term.


● You have a Ph.D. degree in the areas of engineering or applied physics (with interest or even knowledge on biomedical and biological disciplines). You are passionate and love what you do!
● You are organized and like to read and write scientific and not scientific literature, projects and reports; you have scientific and technical English (and ideally also French) writing skills
● You are a hands-on person (designing/building/assembling electronic, mechanical devices, and microfluidic systems): you love to build up prototypes and conduct experiments when possible.
● You have reporting and calendar tracking habits.
● You have a good understanding of strategies and you adhere fast to processes (internal and collaborative).
● You easily adapt to unexpected events or changes affecting projects; you have a “bootstrap” mindset: you are creative, and you perform adapting to the available means.
● You have high relational capacities (e.g. diplomacy, assertiveness, active listening, productive/open-minded discussions).
● You are a team player, dynamic, curious, proactive, respectful to diverging opinions, open to engaging in productive discussions and brainstorming and attracted by the challenging environment of a start-up.


How to Apply:

No need for a CV or cover letter!

You should only fill out this form:


Do you have an atypical profile with a scientific strong background but willing to innovate and reach the market? Join us!

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