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CherryTemp & the Zeiss Definite Focus 2 application note

The Zeiss France team co-wrote a document together with the teams of Damien Coudreuse (IGDR, Rennes) and Jenny Wu (IGDR, Rennes). This note entitled “Hardware Autofocus enables Long-term Imaging of Cells Grown in Microfluidic devices” focuses on the use of cutting-edge microfluidic devices installed on a Zeiss Axio Observer (Carl Zeiss Inc.) equipped with a Definite Focus 2 module. The CherryTemp system (CherryBiotech) is used to thermalize the yeast strains and perform fast shifts and a precise OB1 pressure generator (Elveflow) allows fast medium changes and stable actuation through home made microfluidic chips.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.cherrybiotech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Note-dapplication-ZEISS-Hardware-Autofocus-enables-Long-term-Imaging-of-Cells-Grown-in-Microfluidic-de.pdf” title=”Note d’application ZEISS – Hardware Autofocus enables Long-term Imaging of Cells Grown in Microfluidic de”]

In 2016, we co-published the following video with Zeiss. It shows how the Definite Focus 2 module is able to compensate an impressive 50µm loss-of focus induced by temperature dilatation.

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