S. pombe and temperature-control application

Your dream experiment comes true with CherryTemp™ for fast and accurate temperature switch during microscopic observation.

S. pombe fission yeast temperature control for live cell imaging

S. pombe fission yeast temperature control for live cell imaging

S.pombe is a powerful organism to dissect cell biology mechanisms. The possibility to control protein activity by using temperature regulation makes it an invaluable model to study all aspects of cellular processes.


Just think about the opportunities offered by CherryTemp and design breakthrough applications.

  • Use temperature-sensitive S. pombe mutant : learn more
  • Scan the role of thermo-sensitive proteins during mitosis: learn more
  • Depolymerize and repolymerize cytoskeleton in seconds: learn more
  • Control S. pombe cytokinesis with temperature: learn more
  • GFP-tubulin tracking (published work): learn more
  • Study cell cycle regulators: learn more
  • Control cell polarity proteins


CherryTemp reaches such performance thanks to breaking edge microfluidics.

And thanks to a lot of work from our team to make sure Cherry Temp integrates seemlessly in your microscope set up.

CherryTemp is the fastest temperature control in the 5-45°C range

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CherryTemp™ is adapted to all types of live cells including S. pombe and C. elegans

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CherryTemp is easy to use so that you focus on your research, not the instrument

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S. pombe

See another example of temperature control with thermosensitive mutants

Scientific Note

CherryTemp heater/cooler for live-cell imaging

Dynamic & fast : 10 seconds temperature shifts

Stable & Precise : Long term stability

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