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Fast temperature control for thermosensitive protein regulation (Developmental cell, 2009)

The spindle midzone—composed of antiparallel microtubules, microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), and motors—is the structure responsible for microtubule organization and sliding during anaphase B. Read more →

Fast microfluidic temperature control for high resolution live cell imaging (Lab on Chip, 2011)

One major advantage of using genetically tractable model organisms such as the fission yeastSchizosaccharomyces pombe is the ability to construct temperature-sensitive mutations in a gene. Read more →

Fast temperature regulation for mitochondria positioning on microscope (Current Biology, 2011)

Mitochondria form a dynamic tubular network within the cell. Proper mitochondria movement and distribution are critical for their localized function in cell metabolism, growth, and survival. Read more →

Fast temperature regulator for cytoskeleton studies on microscope (Methods in Cell biology, 2010)

Recent development in soft lithography and microfluidics enables biologists to create tools to control the cellular microenvironment. One such control is the ability to quickly change the temperature of the cells. Read more →

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“Finally I can make real-time imaging of S. pombe depolymerization without tinkering with ice, room climatization and other tricks”


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