Our long term vision and goals

Replacing Animal Testing Through Technological Convergence

Experience a new age of drug testing

We are convinced that the technological convergence of Microfluidic Organ-On-Chip, Multi-omics, the most advanced imaging techniques and artificial intelligence will allow to better predict drugs effects on the human body and bring the possibility to replace animal testing

Most experiments on animals are not relevant to human health. This leads to very high failure rates (<95%) of drugs tested on current preclinical animal models (first evaluation of a drug candidate before clinical trial or administration to humans).

Our mission is to develop a technological platform combining microfluidic technology, artificial intelligence, and the most advanced imaging techniques allowing the scientific paradigm shift from animal to 3D In vitro toxicology and efficacy prediction.

This platform allows us to validate at an early stage (before clinical trials) the safety and efficacy of the drug under development.

Reliable and early predictions allow us to focus human resources and financial investments towards the best drug candidates. The reduction of the development cost of each new drug will permit on the investment in the drugs better able to treat rare and chronic diseases, cancer, bacterial resistance and viral pandemics.
Besides, this platform is an alternative to the animal model, which is still widely used because it is regulated, although ineffective.

Our Vision

To reduce and replace animal testing to predict drugs effects on human body, we are convinced that we can reach the full potential of drug prediction by combining Artificial Intelligence, Microfluidic instruments, Multi Omic Sensors and High-resolution live Imaging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop an Organ-On-Chip platform that will provide massive and high-quality biological data coming from Multi-Omic analysis & the most advanced imaging techniques. This approach has the potential to become the next standard in drug development and replace animal experimentation.

Our Unique Approach

We convert any commercial multiwell plate into a standard in vitro 3D cell culture plate by adding our microfluidic perfusion lid, to culture any tissue, organs, physiopathologic and pathologic.

Meet the team

Giulia Antonioli Late founder - Chief Financial Officer

Pierre Gaudriault, PhD Late Founder - Scientific Chief Business Developer
Mathilde Cadoux, PhD Immunologist Project Manager

Chloe Porcier Chief Human Ressources

Jeremy Cramer, PhD Co-Founder & CEO

Priyanka Fernandes, PhD Immunologist Project Manager

Jean-Robin Peiteado Mechatronics Project Manager

Alberto Ortega Production, Industrialization & After-sales Services Manager
Dario Fassini, PhD Late Founder - CSO & Head of Preclinical Model Developement
Hang Pham Lead Acquisition & Marketing Manager
Harry Dawson, PhD Scientific Project Manager

Hadhemi Mejrl Biotechnology Engineer and Lab Manager
Mehdi Faraj Production, Logistic & Purchasing Apprentice
Valérie Berthelon Office Manager
Naël Mokrane Fullstack Web Developer Apprentice
Emilie Ouanounou Biolab Intern
Jegash Srikandarajah Production & Quality Control Engineer Apprentice
Mariem Nayel Sales Account Manager
Ethan Nguyen Phuoc Vong R&D Intern
Antoni Homs Corbera Partner - Scientific and IP Advisor
Guilhem Velve Casquillas Co-founder and Board member

Values & Cultures

We are all passionate about improving human health and animal wellfare.

To succeed in our mission,  we have also built a strong culture based on 3 major axes :

  • Good sense of humor
  • Cooperation
  • Surpassing yourself



Surpassing yourself

Milestones & Highlights



U.S. Patent Granted Application No. 16824071. Development of the immunocompetent liver organoids. Development of vascularized immunocompetent fully differentiated skin equivalent.



Winner of the European Innovation Council EIC Transition (IDEFIX - Development of the vascularized immunocompetent breast cancer organoids).

Development of vascularized 3D adipose tissue model. French Patent Granted Application No.FR1902859



Winner of 2 European Innovation Council EIC Pathfinder (PLAST_CELL - AI-based early detection of aggressive and multi-resistant breast tumor, and DeLIVERY - Impact of polypharmacy on hepatic fenestration)



Winner of EuroNanoMed3 (Nano4Stroke - Development of 3D blood brain barrier model).

Cherry Biotech relocated to Paris (Montreuil), starting a strong collaboration in the same building with the company 4D Cell.



Pivot between Organ-on-Chip approach to standard Organ-on-Well (convert any standard multiwell into Perfused dynamic 3D culture system).



Winner of the European Collaborative project EUROSTARS (IMAGINe - Development of vascularized metastatic melanoma 3D model).



Finalization of the industrialization of the first scientific instrument "Cherry Temp" and scale-up production for international sales.

First result on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) R&D program based on live cell imaging.



Laureate of the French I-Lab innovation competition.

Acceleration of the R&D program Organ-On-Chip (Multi-Organ-On-Chip) - Alternatives to animal testing.



First international sales of the CherryTemp Beta test in Europe, Asia and United States.

Beginning of the Organ-On-Chip R&D program "Cherry360". Acceleration of the R&D program Organ-On-Chip (Multi-Organ-On-Chip) - Alternatives to animal testing.



Cherry Biotech is founded in Rennes (Brittany, FR) with the mission to provide scientific instrument based on Organ-On-Chip technology, as an alternative to animal testing, to better predict drug effects on humans.

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