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Astrocytes immortalized cell lines


Anti-inflammatory miRNA nanoshuttles as therapeutic strategy for stroke


Our role

To generate an ischemic NVU-on-chip

model, WP2 will rely on the CubiX microenvironment controller developed by P2 and will entail the development of a new tailored culture unit based on the expertise of P4 on ischemic NVU.

Four steps will be needed:

  1. Development of ischemic NVU-on-chip prototype (specification sheet writing, designing, prototyping, quality control);
  2. Establishment of first protocol of use and hardware iterations;
  3. Refinement of the protocol;
  4. Biological validation of the culture unit.

Expected Results

Astrocytes immortalized cell lines
Astrocytes immortalized cell lines
pericytes immortalized cell lines
Pericytes immortalized cell lines
3D hBMVEC on a collagene extracellular matrix
3D hBMVEC on a collagene extracellular matrix

Managing team

Pierre Gaudriault

Pierre Gaudriault

Scientific Project Manager

Antoni Homs Corbera - CSO

Antoni Homs Corbera

MPS Development Responsible

Dario Fassini

Biological Model Validation Responsible

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