Alternatives to animal testing for drug development

We’re developing the most advanced technological platform for predicting the impact of molecules (drugs, biologics, endocrine disruptor and cosmetics) on the human body to better treat pathologies (orphan diseases, cancer, bacterial resistance, virus).

3D cell culture - organ on chip


Cherry Biotech has developed a unique multidisciplinary scientific and technical expertise at your service!

Our Solutions

Cherry Biotech offers a complex range of products and services, including CRO 3D in-vitro services, CubiX microphysiological system, and CherryTemp temperature control systems. These solutions aim to help laboratories and pharma companies accelerate their drug development process with greater accuracy and precision, while providing alternatives to animal testing. By leveraging innovative technologies and expertise, we offer our clients a competitive advantage in the field of 3D in-vitro research and drug development.

3D In-Vitro Contract Research Organization (CRO) Services

We provide both standard and customized in vitro studies that can be used to screen your new therapeutic candidates, explore the mechanisms of action of drugs or biologics, and accelerate the design of clinical trials.

Our range of services is particularly suitable for drug developers who require rapid access to organoids, 3D cell-cultures technology but do not wish to invest in their own equipment.

Cherry Biotech 3D CRO service
Cherry Biotech CubiX Platform

CubiX Platform - A Complex Representation of Human Biology

  • From Organ on Chip to Multi-Organ on Well
  • Compatible with Standard Multiwell Plates
  • Vascularized immunocompetent organoids

CherryTemp — Utra-Fast Temperature Shift From 5-45°C for Live Cell Imaging

  • 10 second temperature shift
  • 0,1°C precision
  • Stability: T°C room compensation
CherryTemp by Cherry Biotech

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