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3D in vitro ?

With the change in regulations that no longer require animal testing models as compulsory, there is a growing anticipation of 2D/3D models as an alternative for drug testing.

Our service offers a great solution that respects animal welfare and experiment ethics while providing a competitive advantage for clients in drug development.

By utilizing our CRO 3D in-vitro activity testing and CubiX microphysiological system, clients can achieve greater accuracy and precision without the need for animal testing. With a focus on moral values and innovation, our service offers a more ethical and efficient approach to drug development.

Cherry Biotech 3D invitro CRO service

service highlights

Our CRO service provides standard and custom in vitro studies using organ-on-a-well (OOW) technology to support drug development.

Our service highlights:

Human-relevant 3D in vitro models

Our Microphisiology technology generates human-relevant data that is more predictive of clinical outcomes compared to animal studies.

Access to OOW technology without investing in equipment

Save time and resources by outsourcing your in vitro studies to our team of experts who have the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct experiments.

Time saving & cost-effective results

Our team works with you to design and execute studies that yield results quickly and cost-effectively compared to traditional animal studies.

Cutting-edge expertise in Organ-on-Well technology

Our patented Organ-On-Well technology allows full- compatibility with the industry standard. Combine with the meticulous knowledge of our team of scientists, we can provide your team valuable insights and recommendations to improve your drug development programs.

Proven track record for delivering clinically translatable results

We have a history of providing results that are translatable to clinical outcomes, which can help you progress your drug candidates towards successful clinical trials.

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