Observation Internship (Stage d’observation) at Cherry Biotech – Lukas Marcel

Last week we had the pleasure of receiving Lukas Marcel as an intern at Cherry Biotech for one week. This work placement called Stage d’observation is compulsory for third-year high school students. It is an observation internship with an objective to help the student to evaluate his choices about the future. This is the first contact with the business world. The college student sets out to discover the professional world and its environment. 


In his 5 days of experience, Lukas got the opportunity to work in various departments of the company. He got the chance to learn about biology, biotechnology, microfluidics, microenvironment controllers, marketing, finance, and business management.

Describing his experience at Cherry Biotech Lukas expresses,” My week at Cherry Biotech was really exciting and fun. Even though I did not replace anyone I got to observe them working and they explained to me what they are doing. I got to see scientists and business people working together towards a common goal. It was really interesting to observe the microscale world of cells through the microscope and they explained how 3D cell cultures simulate the real human body. I saw liver cells, fat cells, and tissue and it was very fascinating to see it in real life and not in images. I discovered a world I had never seen before. I also had the chance to visit other departments other than biology, I learned about making websites and how to get more customers in different ways through advertisement, content, and email. It was a really good experience of how a real-world company functions and I got to learn about my likes and dislikes which will help me make the most important decision of my life – What do I want to do when I grow up.”

As he describes his experience, using a “Complex in vitro model” was very interesting for him to see in real-time how cells in our body react to different chemicals. Lukas observed the effects of different chemicals on vascularized 3D adipose tissue on the microphysiological system Cubix applied to drug development with an alternative to animal models systems. 

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