Blood brain barrier microfluidic models [Brain on Chip]

Brain on a chip proof of concepts: what for?

Organs-on-chips are promising biological on chip laboratories expected to allow robust and accurate drug testing. Whether these micro-devices will be an alternative solution to animal drug testing, a revolutionary approach for personalized medicine or a complementary resource in the drug development industry remains to be addressed. Nevertheless, several laboratory proof-of-concept have been successfully performed, demonstrating the relevance of this approach. In this mini-review, we focused on devices mimicking the blood-brain barrier. These “Brain on chips” combine both the in vivo and in vitro advantages given that mimicking the reality and developing a simple ex vivo model is well balanced.

Fig. 1: Brain-on-a-chip and blood-brain barrier microfluidic devices as better ex vivo models. Fig. 1: Brain-on-a-chip and blood-brain barrier microfluidic devices as better ex vivo models.


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