CubiX: 3D cell culture and organ on a chip

Simplify and improve the access to human-relevant data

Emulating human cell & tissue physiology

Multi Organ-on-a-Chip compatibility

Better mimicking physiological interactions in the human body

Improve quality & reproducibility

Static models do not reflect volumes & concentration variations

Avoid false negative & positive

Current models do not mimic the patient cells’ physio-pathology

Increase viability of long term culture

Short term culture do not reflect tissue dynamism & long term effect

In vitro long-term live imaging of 2D/3D cells structures and organ-on-a-chip models recreating realistic (patho)physiological conditions

AutomationCherry Biotech_automation_CubiX

Continuous perfusionCherry Biotech_perfusion_CubiX

Medium samplingCherry Biotech_sampling_CubiX

Circadian Clock mimickingCherry Biotech_circadian_CubiX

Normoxia/hypoxiaCherry Biotech_Hypoxia_CubiX

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