Our CherryTemp platforms include all you need for a smooth integration on your microscope


5 to 45°C


10′ sec
Temperature Shift

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The CherryTemp core platform includes:

1. The Temp electronic control.
This temperature electronic control unit monitors the 2 Peltier channels with optimized PIDs. This optimization ensures no temperature overshoots when changing the temperature of your sample.

2. The Loop thermalization liquid actuation.
This feedback controlled pumping system ensures a very stable fuidic actuation necessary to get a highly stable and precise temeprature control of your sample.

3. The Heat Exchangers.
These 2 heat exchanger blocs enclose 2 independant Peltier elements which transfers heat to the thermalizing liquid (8.) before being actuated to the chip.

You wonder how we ensure the best temperature control on the microscopy market? Because we have the most precise initial calibration (learn more) coupled to PT100 class A temperature sensors.

The Heat Exchangers need to be integrated close to the chip & the sample:

4. The Exchangers’ holder to securely maintain the Heat Exchangers.
We provide ergonomic holders to smoothly integrate the Heat Exchangers on microscopes. Indeed, once thermalized by the Heat Exchangers, the thermalizing liquid must be quicky actuated towards the chip in order to transfer heat to your sample. This close promiscuity constrained our team to design customized elements to allow a perfect integration.

You are using standard inverted microscopes? We designed specific Exchangers’ Holders for Leica, Zeiss, Olympus and Nikon main confocal systems.

You are using an upright or a more specific inverted set-up*? We provide a tripod arm to maintain the Heat Exchangers close to the chip.
*DeltaVision, home-made scopes…

The heart of CherryTemp: the microfluidic chips

5. The thermalizing chip to control your sample’s temperature.
We designed robust microfluidic chips, optically compatible with fluorescence, transmetted light, confocal microscopy…

You are worried about your specific application and the way to mount your sample with our chip? We worked on dedicated protocoles for yeast, C. elegans embryos/larvae/adults, Drosophila, mammalian cells and follow on to develop methods for other models (plants, Zebrafish…) and biopolymers.

6. The Sample Mounting System to clamp & maintain the chip.
We provide specific elements to fit your stage and microscope.

You are using an inverted microscope? Simply provide us your stage exact brand/model and we provide you with the appropriate insert (fitting standard stages, automated ones and Piezo).

You are using an upright microscope? We designed a chip holder which fits the 25×75 standard slide mechanisms.

A software to get the best temperature control at the sample location

7. CherrySoft allows 2 temperature settings and real-time monitoring.
We developped an intuitive software which monitores key parameters to ensure that your sample remains at the target temperature.

You wonder if we monitor the room temperature fluctutations? Yes we do!

You wonder if we compensate the heat sink played by immersion objectives? Yes we do! In real time. Check it out by reading this technical webpage.

Geminis© to get the most precise temperature control forever. 
Geminis© are automated software sequences which monitores your CherryTemp platform and prevents it from any deviation from the initial calibration. Learn more.

You can also download a Quality report sample.

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