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Cherry Biotech SAS develops a brand of scientific instruments to enhance environment control during live cell imaging

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Cherry Biotech SAS is an innovating company developing scientific instruments for cell biology research laboratories. We develop our brand of product in collaboration with cell biology research centers all over the world. Cherry Biotech  extends its scientific network to continuously develop and provide the most innovating and robust scientific instruments to research laboratories, both academic and private. This continuous innovation scheme enabled Cherry Biotech to received in 2014 and 2016 the BPI innovation awards from the french ministry of research.

” I strongly believe that next generation research systems need transversal and translational knowledge as well as tight collaborations between basic and highly innovative companies such as Cherry. I want our solutions to bring new insights on unachievable experimentations and bring these innovations to the healthcare industry. Our next challenge is Organ-on-chip design, not just only dream of them, but do them” Jérémy Cramer, CEO & Cherry Biotech founder

Live-cell high resolution imaging is a wonderful tool to address and resolve biological questions. Proper control of the cell environment is crucial for such experimentations yet, discussing with biologists, our team identified that the available tools do not reach the level of expectation of many researchers.

With our team of pluridisciplinary experts, we have decided to take on this challenge by leveraging the amazing possibilities offered by microfluidics technologies: our mission is to provide high performance, precise and user-friendly platforms to fully control the cell environment during live cell microscopy. And then? Transfer these technologies to create the first industrialised organ-on-chip devices for drug discovery.

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