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2010: CherryTemp – scientific valorization

Jeremy Cramer and Guilhem Velve-Casquillas were students at the Institut Curie, Paris. When PI Phong Tran asked them to solve a high-resolution microscopy challenge, they took benefit of the crossroads between biology and physics to overcome the technical barriers.
CherryTemp, our ultra-fast microfluidic temperature controler was born.

Over 4 years of research, iteration processes and tests to transform an idea into a minimum viable product.

But Jeremy realized through interactions with other PIs that this technology worth going further. Together with entrepreneurs from Elvesys, he decided to found Cherry Biotech while doing his PhD.

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2014: Cherry Biotech – a team story

Nothing is more important than the team to build a strong basis and realize the founders’ dream of creating a worldwide leading medtech.

Solange Arnaud and Thomas Guérinier joined the adventure at the premises of the story.

This was the time of strengthening a team around a platform dedicated to biology.

We received key supports both at the local and national levels…thank you!


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2015: European collaborations

Based on Jeremy, Thomas and Guilhem’s research networks, Cherry joined top-level scientific consortiums at the European level. After the instrument & software development knowledge, this brought a second and determinent cornerstone to Cherry’s strategy: creating a hub around instruments and new technologies dedicated to biology and healthcare.

This is a foundamental piece of Cherry’s culture: staying close to the best scientific actors in Europe in order to detect and build new technologies to meet the 3rd millenium human challenges.



2016: The Organ-on-a-chip project

Jeremy and Thomas had to grow up Cherry at the level of their deep ambitions. There came up the organ-on-a-chip project.

What would be more exciting than being a major actor of the upcoming NBIC revolution for humanity’s sustainability?

Check our projects.



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2017: The NBIC valley

We are convinced that Europe has the best breeding ground for technological breakthroughs. With top-level science and maybe the best engineering potential combined with high EU investments, we want to bring our entrepreneurship experience to promote and hardly push scientific valorization.

Together with sister companies we started to lay the foundations of the NBIC valley.

One single objective: structure the innovation in Europe to create a leading hub ready to tackle the NBIC revolution and raise humanity to higher standards.

The European Union must become the most fertile innovative ground


Cherry Biotech - Temperature control for microscopy






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