Application notes

Centrosome Regulation In C. elegans Embryo First Division

This application note shows Centrosome regulation in C. elegans embryo first division using CherryTemp for Temperature control and temperature shifts .

Experimental conditions

C. elegans zyg-12 t.s mutant temperature shift

Control and zyg-12 embryos shifted to 24°C at anaphase onset (red: DNA,  green: alpha-tubulin).
In the zyg-12 mutant centrosomes fail to associate to the nucleus.


Ultra fast temperature shift device for in vitro experiments under microscopy

Courtesy of Anne Pacquelet (“Membrane traffic and Polarity in C. elegans” Grégoire Michaux’s lab, IGDR)


  1. Divisions were recorded using a microscope MRic (Microscopy Rennes Imaging Center). Temperature control and temperature shifts were performed using CherryTemp.

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