Heart on a chip: State of the Art

Why a heart on a chip?

The heart is the central element of the cardiovascular system. If it is dysfunctional, others organs will not receive enough oxygen. Some pharmaceuticals induced cardiac rhythm impairment, which is a major cause of market withdrawal (around 1/3 of total withdrawal, e.g: Mediator (benfluorex) scandal in France). Currently used models (cell line or animal testing) are not predictive enough of what is observed in humans. Moreover, heart diseases are responsible for 25% of the overall number of death in the USA, meaning that heart issues are a real public health concern.

FUN FACT: Benfluorex has been withdrawn of the French market in November 2009 because of a higher risk (4 times) to develop a valvulopathy. In the whole 2009 year, only 2 pharmaceuticals have been withdrawn from the market and in 2010 (one year after the benfluorex scandal), 14 drugs have been withdrawn from the French market, mainly due to heart adverse effect.
Fig 1: Heart Anatomy - Heart on a chip [Organ on a chip] Fig 1: Heart Anatomy


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