Heater/ Cooler System for Yeast Pack


S.Cerevisiae, S. Pombe, other fission budding yeast


Microtubule depolymerisation, meiosis & exo/endo trafficking, calcium signaling

Ultrafast & precise temperature shift [10′ sec - 5 to 45°C]​

Compatible inverted and upright microscope

CherryTemp ultra-fast temperature controller allows you to:

  • Visualize the effect of temperature changes on your sample in the seconds’ timescale
  • In vivo imaging: membrane dynamics and trafficking
  • In vitro imaging: microtubules dynamics and cell division process
  • Compatible with a wide range yeasts strain: S.Cerevisiae, S. Pombe, other fission budding yeast


  • Perform temperature shifts in less than 10 seconds with +/- 0.1 °C precision.
  • Dedicated protocols co-designed with our customers.
  • Easy handling, fast mounting on a microscope stage
  • HR microscopy compatible fits all upright and inverted microscopes.

publications featured cherrytemp

Some significative Yeast articles :
1) Zachary R. Gergely et al, 2023, The kinesin-5 protein Cut7 moves bidirectionally on fission yeast spindles with activity that increases in anaphase Journal of Cell Science
2) Robert M. Gingras et al, 2020, Yeast Rgd3 is a phospho-regulated F-BAR–containing RhoGAP involved in the regulation of Rho3 distribution and cell morphology, MBoC
3) Javier Munoz-Garcia et al, 2018, Drug delivery and temperature control in microfluidic chips during live-cell imaging experiments, Methods in Cell Biology
4)Alison C.E. Wirshing et al, 2023, Evolutionary tuning of barbed end competition allows simultaneous construction of architecturally distinct actin structures JCB

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What Users Say About CherryTemp

" The Cherry Temp system was essential to acquiring some of our key data on the temperature-dependence of FUS phase separation. The system worked extremely well in these biochemical analyses. It was easy to use and robust, and required only small amounts of material. ”

Prof. Michael Rosen UT SOUTHWESTERN, USA

“CherryTemp is a one-of-a kind device for the study of thermosensitive mutants and cytoskeleton dynamics. Its flexibility makes it very easy to adapt to various geometries, from cells to tissue explants or even whole animals !”

Dr. Emmanuel Derivery MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, UK

“The Cherry system is now in full use in my lab and it is working beautifully on its own. The Cherry system is great for stably maintaining temperature on our microscopes”

Dr. Julie Canman Columbia University Medical Center, USA

“CherryTemp rapidly became one of our favorite piece of equipment in the lab. It’s easy to use and works fast and well. The Cherry Biotech team is always super helpful.”


“The Cherry Temp is perfect for use in imaging core facilities. Its design allows its installation on a wide panel of upright and inverted microscopes and easy training of users thus, promoting development of innovating research project. The customer service is always helpful and responsive.”

Dr. Stéphanie Dutertre BIOSIT LABORATORY, France

“CherryTemp allows us to perform temperature shift experiments with unprecedented speed and precision with C. elegans embryos. It is very well designed and easy to use. Moreover, we found the the customer service at Cherry Biotech to be very responsive and competent.”

Prof. Pierre Gönczy EPFL, SWITZERLAND

“CherryTemp was the perfect solution for us to combine precisely controlled temperature stimuli and live cell imaging in our functional studies on thermosensory neurons in C. elegans adult animals. The system is straightforward to use and we were impressed by the responsiveness of the Cherry Biotech customer service team and by the quality of the support provided.”


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