Heater/ Cooler System for Mammalian Cells Pack

Adherent cells, hIPS cells, HeLa cells, etc...


Cell division, calcium signaling, endo/exotrafficking, phase separation

Ultrafast & precise temperature shift [10′ sec - 5 to 45°C]

Compatible inverted and upright microscope

CherryTemp ultra-fast temperature controller is:

  • First software algorithm compensating room temperature variation.
  • Budding and fission yeast live cell imaging. You can now control and observe dynamic events (linked to live temperature changes) to discover unthought mechanisms.


  • Perform temperature shifts in less than 10 seconds with +/- 0.1 °C precision.
  • Dedicated protocols co-designed with our customers.
  • Easy handling, fast mounting on a microscope stage
  • HR microscopy compatible fits all upright and inverted microscopes.

publications featured cherrytemp

Some significative CherryTemp articles :
1) Elbaum-Garfinkle et al., 2022, Liquid to solid transition of elastin condensates, PNAS.
2) Elbaum-Garfinkle et al., 2020, Tunable multiphase dynamics of arginine and lysine liquid condensates, Nature Communications
3) Kimble et al., 2019, Dynamics of Notch-Dependent Transcriptional Bursting in Its Native Context, Developmental Cell
4) Rosen et al., 2018, Nuclear Import Receptor Inhibits Phase Separation of FUS through Binding to Multiple Sites, Cell
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What Users Say About CherryTemp

" The Cherry Temp system was essential to acquiring some of our key data on the temperature-dependence of FUS phase separation. The system worked extremely well in these biochemical analyses. It was easy to use and robust, and required only small amounts of material. ”

Prof. Michael Rosen UT SOUTHWESTERN, USA

“CherryTemp is a one-of-a kind device for the study of thermosensitive mutants and cytoskeleton dynamics. Its flexibility makes it very easy to adapt to various geometries, from cells to tissue explants or even whole animals !”

Dr. Emmanuel Derivery MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, UK

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