Temperature control for Phase Separation

Heater/Cooler for Phase Separation

Repeatability [Secure your results]

Ultrafast & precise [10′ sec]

Large range & stability [5-45°C]

– To visualize the effect of temperature changes on your sample in the seconds’ timescale

– In vivo imaging: membrane-less organelle dynamics, stress granules, IDPs

– In vitro imaging: molecular assemblies, droplet formation

– Compatible with a wide range of models: C. elegans, mammalian cells, in vitro protein assembly, purified protein, and more





Publication –

Yoshizawa, T., Ali, R., Jiou, J., Fung, H. Y. J., Burke, K. A., Kim, S. J., Lin, Y., Peeples, W. B., Saltzberg, D., Soniat, M., Baumhardt, J. M., Oldenbourg, R., Sali, A., Fawzi, N. L., Rosen, M. K., & Chook, Y. M. (2018). Nuclear Import Receptor Inhibits Phase Separation of FUS through Binding to Multiple Sites. Cell, 173(3), 693-705.e22. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2018.03.003

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CherryTemp thermal stage

Discover the CherryTemp Heater Cooler

Ultra-fast shifts and temperature accuracy at the sample level

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Our Customers testimonials

Prof. Michael Rosen

Prof. Michael Rosen


“The Cherry Temp system was essential to acquiring some of our key data on the temperature-dependence of FUS phase separation.  The system worked extremely well in these biochemical analyses.  It was easy to use and robust, and required only small amounts of material.”
Visit the Rosen lab.

Prof. Pierre Gönczy

Prof. Pierre Gönczy


“CherryTemp allows us to perform temperature shift experiments with unprecedented speed and precision with C. elegans embryos. It is very well designed and easy to use. Moreover, we found the the customer service at Cherry Biotech to be very responsive and competent.”
Visit the Gönczy lab.

Upcoming workshops & meetings related to phase separation

EMBO Practical Course
Methods for studying phase separation in biology
February 05–13, 2019 | Dresden, Germany

EMbo dresden feb2019

Keystone Symposium:
Biomolecular Condensates: Phase-Separated Organizers of Cellular Biochemistry (D5)
Scientific Organizers: Michael K. Rosen and Anthony Hyman
April 10—13, 2019 | Snowbird Resort, Snowbird, Utah, USA

Gordon Research Conference Stress Proteins in Growth, Development and Disease
Stress Signalling, Quality Control, Phase Separation, Aging and Disease in Proteostasis
June 23 – 28, 2019 | Lucca (Barga), IT

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CherryTemp fits a wide range of high resolution microscopes.

Universities using CherryTemp in their labs

CherryTemp thermal stage

Discover the CherryTemp Heater Cooler

Ultra-fast shifts and temperature accuracy at the sample level

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