Heat & cool down your cells during live-cell imaging

We developed the world’s fastest heater-cooler for microscopy. Originally designed for ultra-fast qPCR military applications, we improved this temperature control plateform to perfectly fit live-cell imaging experimentations.

CherryTemp enables ultra-fast temperature shifts in the 5-45°C range.
You can now control in real-time your favorite molecular processes, observe dynamic events linked to temperature on live and discover unthought mechanisms.

Dynamic & fast : 10 seconds temperature shifts

Stable & Precise : Long term stability

Inverted & Upright scopes : Custom elements for a perfect integration


Heat and cool down your samples in the 5 to 45°C range

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“The Cherry Temp is perfect for use in imaging core facilities.  Its design allows its installation on a wide panel of upright and inverted microscopes and easy training of users thus, promoting development of innovating research project. The customer service is always helpful and responsive”  visit Stephanie Dutertre core facility MRic

Stéphanie Dutertre - Instrument core facility manager

Biosit laboratory, CNRS 3480 - INSERM 018, MRic

“The Cherry system is now in full use in my lab and it is working beautifully on its own. The Cherry system is great for stably maintaining temperature on our microscopes”Visit the Canman Lab 

Dr. Julie Canman

CANMAN LAB, Columbia University Medical Center


First installation in 20 minutes

You want to focus on your experimentation this is why we’ve made CherryTemp easy to install.

CherryTemp is plug and play and comes along with a didactic installation guide.

No interference with your set-up

Your microscope set-up can already be complex this is why we’ve designed CherryTemp to ensure smooth integration. The confinement of the sample as well as the very short thermal path frees our technologies almost completely from the influence of classical thermal disruptive parameters. This unique structure coupled to our real time calibration scheme enable us to guarantee temperature homogeneity of your cells even with immersion objectives. Learn more

Fits uprights and inverted microscope

You might want to use different microscopes, this is why we’ve designed CherryTemp to be compatible with any microscope. CherryTemp has been designed to fit all major microscope brands (Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss). If you use shared microscope CherryTemp can be installed and uninstalled from your microscope in less than 10 minutes.

Smart mounting of your cells

If you want a special design for your cells, contact our expert team. We’ve worked to design smart solutions as we believe simplicity is a strength.

Our mounting systems offers a large scale of applications and high flexibility for live-cell imaging.

ONE click change

Change temperature in one click and simply input temperature settings on CherrySoft.

We’ve thought our software based on scientists’ feedback as we pay attention not to add complexity to your experimentation.The Cherry Temp platform was developed to enable real time change and monitoring of your sample temperature. Thanks to the unique calibration scheme integrated into the platform, the system is able to adapt  in real time the temperature of your cell when it detects any change in the microscope environment which may affect you sample temperature. Learn more

We are experts & here

We’ve set-up our processes customer-centered as we want to make you happy using CherryTemp.

We’ve built an expert team to lead live-cell imaging dynamic control, get in touch and benefit from our strong skills.

Methods & Scientific notes


How it works, take a tour!

Ergonomic platform and software

We designed the system according to ther eality of a microscope context. CherryTemp is easy to install and remove from your microscope. Our software is light and intuitive so that you can focus on the main microscope interface.

Standard mounting of samples

We interact with you to define the best protocole for your cells. Wether you use an upright or an inverted microscope, we give a particular attention to your particular constrains and provide dedicated methods and ergonomic elements to mount your samples easily.

Ultrafast temperature shifts

We provide two independent temperature channels to enable fast and stable temperature changes. They are powerful and provide seemless heating and cooling in the 5-45°C range. You can change the temperature in less than 10 seconds, regardless of the delta between the two temperatures.

Unprecedented temperature precision and stability

We performed test over 48 hours and our system never deviates from the target temperature (+/-0.3°C) even if you have important room temperature fluctuations. Indeed, our software algorythm take this into account and constantly readjusts the temperature experienced by your cells.

Watch some videos of CherryTemp


Inhibition of microtubule assembly using fast temperature changes

Inhibition of microtubule assembly using fast temperature changes

(Development, 2017) Summary | In most species, oocytes lack centrosomes. Accurate meiotic spindle assembly and chromosome segregation – essential to prevent...
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Medium renewal and temperature control for live-cell imaging

Medium renewal and temperature control for live-cell imaging

(Open Biology, 2016) Summary | Monitoring cellular responses to changes in growth conditions and perturbation of targeted pathways is integral to...
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Real-time qPCR using CherryTemp on-a-chip

Real-time qPCR using CherryTemp on-a-chip

(Lab on Chip, 2016) Summary | To control future infectious disease outbreaks, like the 2014 Ebola epidemic, it is necessary to...
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Temperature control of thermosensitive protein regulation

Temperature control of thermosensitive protein regulation

(Developmental cell, 2009) Summary | The spindle midzone—composed of antiparallel microtubules, microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), and motors—is the structure responsible for microtubule...
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Heat and cool down your samples in the 5 to 45°C range

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